Ernest Burn


Francis and his brother, Joseph, continued the winery after Ernest retired.
Francis BURN
Domaine Ernest Burn is located in Gueberschwihr, Alsace, a village dating back to the 3rd century. All of the wines come from 25 acres of vines spread across AOC d’Alsace vines including 10 acres from famed Grand Cru Goldert, best known for its world-class Gewürztraminer and Riesling. Our Grand Cru Goldert vines are located in the ‘Clos Saint-Imer’, named after the 7th century saint who is documented as having selected this hillside for his own vines after realizing the parcel’s ability to produce great wines. Saint-Imer's keen eye for great terroir isn't the only reason his name lives on today...legend has it that he thwarted a Griffin that was terrorizing the village and the townspeople honored him by naming his vineyard after his death. Over the years the ‘Clos Saint-Imer’ vineyard saw multiple wars and was almost lost until 1934 when Ernest BURN decided it was time to bring the vineyard back to life. Ernest purchased the hillside parcel-by-parcel and, with his own hands, rebuilt the stone walls knocked down over the years.  The BURN family did not start making wine with Ernest, however. Not quite. The family has been producing wine in Gueberschwihr for over 300 years. In the vines the Burn family is not certified organic but does not use ANY chemical products and all labor is performed manually...which is understandable when you see the 'Clos Saint-Imer' hillside that hits a daunting 60 degree grade in some points! All of the wines are vinified, aged and bottled in the Burn's medieval cellar, built in 1623. The wines toe the line between freshness and richness like very can in Alsace and the BURN family does it on an annual basis. We are very excited to be partnered with the BURNs and look forward to introducing the wines in every market. *Alain Junguenet Selection is the sole U.S. importer with one exception: CA.  
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