Michèle Capdepon

Located in the village of Villelongue d'Aude (35km south of Carcassonne), Domaine des 3 Fontaines (Michèle Capdepon) has a rich history in the Limoux appellation. Producing five sparkling wines from their 80 hectares of vineyard (198 acres), the Capdepon family has a rich history in Limoux that runs 400+ years deep. One of the first wineries to commercialize their own Blanquette de Limoux and Crémant de Limoux, the Capdepons have never exported their wines outside of France...until now! The local demand for their sparklers, especially their Blanquette 'Méthode Ancestrale', has been so great that they have not needed to seek foreign markets. Today, the domaine is run by Madame Michèle Capdepon and her son, Roland (approx 35 yrs old). For those of you aware of the history that surrounds the Blanquette de Limoux appellation and how Champagne (supposedly) would not be what is today had Dom Perignon not passed through Limoux on his way north, you will not be surprised with the local pride with which the vignerons of Limoux speak with when comparing their wines to other French sparkling wines. Is there a chip on their shoulders? Absolutely. The Capdepons are the kind of family that chooses to speak through their wines and we are loving what they have to say! 


Roland Capdepon is continuing what his family has always been in favor of: Letting nature do the work. As you can imagine, the Capdepon identify themselves as 'Sustaintable Farmers' with a strong belief in working with the lunar cycle to maximize the quality of their sparkling wines. Wild yeasts are the preferred method of operation at harvest time with all of the fruit being picked by hand.  


The 80 hectares are dominantly planted with the local favorite: Mauzac. The other varietals you will find planted in these chalky/clay soils are Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc and Pinot Noir.  


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